GAD This Sucks: My Journey with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (1)

Posted by Erin Friedlieb on

I have decided to share the story of my struggle with anxiety, more specifically Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I thought long and hard about this, and if my story can help others fighting this illness, then it is worth it.  It is going to be raw and real, so buckle up. Some of you may be struggling with GAD, and not even know it.  Others of you may know a loved one suffering from GAD, and you may not know how to handle it.  And many of you may be hurting in silence.  I am hoping that whatever category you fall into and wherever you are in your journey, that you can relate to my story. As some of you may know, Generalized Anxiety Disorder is very complex and dynamic in nature.  Due to its complexity, I think it is important to not only share my story, but also share  important statistics on GAD as well as bring awareness to its causes, symptoms, treatment options, and many other aspects of this illness.  I feel this is so important to know for ourselves and for our loved ones. The blog will be weekly, and I am hoping you will come on this journey with me.  We may be on different paths, but we can learn and support each other on the way. Please feel free to comment on the blogs, share your story, and ask as many questions as you want!  Just remember we all have our own story and our own journey, but together we are all human beings that deserve to live our best life possible.

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