Getting Older

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Ahhh…just hearing those two words send chills up my spine and dread throughout my body. Experiences pop in my head left and right, and although I giggle about them now, they did not seem as funny at the time. My aunt at Christmas telling me, “You look great….for your age.” The woman casually, but persistently adding eye cream to my order as I check out after my facial. Your best guy friend jokingly sending you a text informing you that when you decide to have a child it will be considered a “geriatric” pregnancy. Seriously though. And I can go on and on… We smile and laugh, because let’s face it, it’s kind of funny in a Bridget Jone’s kind of way, but inside we are freaking out. Our dogs become known as our fur babies so people stop asking us when we are going to have a baby. We become obsessed with the latest trends to lose those extra pounds, we constantly compare ourselves to others, and we have been 29-years-old for way to long. This can be stressful, time-consuming, and the worrying can affect our daily lives. Here are three tips in dealing with and keeping sane during this whole aging process. The first tip is to concentrate on the working and not on the worrying. Worrying is a natural part of life, and it is not something that people can stop doing or clearly we would stop. However, if we can work on dealing with the worry, then it will provide a place of hope and inspiration in striving to reach our goals. It is important to make a list of your worries. Start off with 3 month, 6 month, and one year goals. This can include finances, children, health, etc. Now this will cause some stress in the beginning, as we sometimes are not honest with ourselves and/or have not taken the time out to really see the depth of these stresses. But in the long-run, it will decrease your worries, and change your focus for the better. The second tip is to compare yourself in a healthy way. I know that you always hear that you should never compare yourself. You should be happy with you, and only be in competition with yourself. I think that is great and all, but it is not realistic. We do compare ourselves, and I think that it can be a good thing. In everyday life, we observe others and we see what we like and do not like, and apply it to ourselves. This can be as simple as looking at someone’s outfit or hair style. Someone’s confidence and social skills might appeal to your liking. We live in a society where we are fortunate enough to be able to exchange ideas and assist each other in being happy, healthy, and the best us. So it is good to compare, get ideas, but most importantly, make it your own. The third, and last tip, is to realize that we can always transform ourselves and our lives. When we were younger, we were not very smart. That is to say the least. We had to be told what to do, and we could only be one-dimensional in our thoughts and actions. We did not have the brain development nor the freedom to really make our own decisions and make good decisions at that. As we age, we have been through experiences. We have learned what not to do and what we really want. Our brains have developed and we have a lot more insight and resources to help us continue on this journey in a happy and healthy manner. Yes I know some of these experiences brought pain and regret, but we also have the ability to make changes and reinvent ourselves at any age. Now that is exciting!

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