Hey Little Fighter...Soon Things Will Be Brighter

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Hey Little Fighter…Soon Things Will Be Brighter  Lately, I have been thinking about the idea that if we work hard and keep on fighting, there will be better days. We have all been told this at some point in our lives, and we all have told ourselves this as well.  But what if there isn’t that one bright rainbow at the end of the road? When I think about my anxiety, I have always thought that there would be a day that it was gone.  Like when I was a little kid on a road trip with my family.  I would repeatedly ask my parents, “Are we there yet?”  Although I knew our family vacation would be fun, my annoying little brother wasn’t so much fun.  However, once we got out of the car, I knew that the car ride was worth the beautiful place we were going.  But as time went on, I began to doubt this final place of happiness existed for myself and my anxiety. I knew facing my anxiety straight on would be an upward battle, and that I was going to have to fight my hardest.  I tried everything and anything to lessen my anxiety.  At times, I felt wonderful, and that I had a great grasp on my anxiety.  But I also had times, where I experienced terrifying anxiety and panic.  I didn’t understand why this was happening.  I was trying my best and working so hard on getting better.  When was it going to get better?  Would I ever feel no anxiety for a consistent period of time?  Why are certain people overcoming their obstacles, and I am in a vicious cycle with mine? Looking back, I threw myself a pity party and compared myself to others.  I used to be hard on myself for doing both of those actions, but it is something that I needed to feel and do at the time.  Those were my raw emotions, and it was part of my journey. See, there really isn't a final destination in regards to anxiety.  It is a journey.  There will be good days, and some pretty crappy ones.  But these bad days will get less and less.  I know we all want that final place where we are happy and anxiety-free, but it does not work like that.  I know, I sound like the bad news bear.  Can someone bring me some honey?  But in all seriousness, it is okay that it is a journey, and one that only you can go on.  But the great thing is that we can keep learning and growing together.  That is the beauty in the struggle and in the journey.  So, take your time, embrace those bad days and know it will get better.  Learn from them and others, and before you know it, all of these little steps in the right direction will lead you to the path and life you were meant to be on.  Yes, it is cheesy, but sometimes the truth is.  And lastly, I know you guys are stronger and braver than you think, so look at your anxiety straight on and make him your b**ch.  Disclaimer: Sometimes swear words are necessary, and this time was one of them. So, if you want some company on your journey with anxiety, comment below.  You can also join one of our groups where you can meet others in similar situations.  Sign up for free and find out some pretty cool things that are happening soon!      

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  • I’m 60 yrs old and I’ve been fighting anxiety for over 30 yrs, probably longer than I realize. I’ve been on medications on and off for many years. I’m also a chronic pain patient and with all that also comes depression. I’ve been beating myself up for many years and I’m not happy nor have I ever been with myself. I have always worried about what other people think of me, I never feel good enough or worthy enough about myself, always feeling like I don’t deserve to be happy. Ive always cared about and taken care of everybody except myself. I could go on and on about what I’ve been through in my life, but my purpose in this comment is to seek the help I need before I give up on myself. I would like to know how I sign up to get the help I need.

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